PostSeason Tickets



Your Baylor Bears are bowl eligible and are currently in contention to compete for a spot in the Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship Game! All Bear Foundation members have an exclusive ticket request window available beginning on Nov. 1. To ensure consideration for tickets, your completed request application must be submitted by Wednesday, Nov. 20 for the Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship game & Tuesday, Dec. 10 for all potential bowl games.

You may request tickets now through your ONLINE TICKET ACCOUNT

Ticket requests are FINAL and cannot be cancelled after Baylor is eligible/selected to participate. Members must ONLY request the events that you are willing to attend.

Tickets cannot be transferred and will be delivered only to the customer on record. A $1 order charge will be applied to each account requesting tickets. After tickets are assigned by Baylor Athletics, a $10 per ticket charge (fees and shipping) will be added to the total order amount prior to final order processing. A maximum of 12 Tickets may be requested & BBF limits (Listed below) will be applied if necessary.

Limits (If Necessary):

  • Championship Club + ($30,000): 12
  • ADC + ($9,000-$29,999): 8
  • Non-ADC ($8,999-$25): 4

South Team: 118, 119, 120, 121, 215, 216, 217, 218, 219, 412, 413, 414, 415, 416, C111, C112, C113, C114, C115, C211, C212, C213, C214

North Team: 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 240 ,241, 242, 243, 244, 442, 443, 444, 445, 446, C136, C137, C138, C139, C236, C237, C238, C239


  • Bear Foundation priority is determined by your giving level first and then by total priority points.
  • Ticket allocation and seating location is based on 2019-20 Bear Foundation Priority Ranking.
  • To ensure best possible priority within your giving level, consider paying in full your remaining 2019-20 balance and/or your 2020-21 balance no later than two business days prior to each deadline date.
  • Priority of seat location is based on consultation of section desirability with bowl and stadium ticketing personnel.


  • Friday, Nov. 1 –Postseason ticket requests open to Bear Foundation members.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 20 – Deadline to request Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship Game tickets.
  • Saturday, Dec. 7 – Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship Game I 11 A.M. I AT&T Stadium I Arlington, TX
  • Sunday, Dec. 8 – Bowl Selection Day
  • Tuesday, Dec. 10 – Deadline to request bowl tickets.
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