Ticket Return FAQ

In less than two-clicks you will be able to return your tickets from your mobile device or desktop.

Baylor Athletics will email all ticket holders approximately 1-2 weeks prior to each game within the specified window. Tickets may be returned by selecting the ‘Return My Tickets’ button in the email. You will be forwarded to a short survey, which will require the accurate account number associated with your tickets and your permission to release all your tickets for the upcoming games.

Yes. You will still see your tickets in your account and your mobile wallet. However, we will be reprinting your tickets and your tickets will no longer be valid for use.

Champions Row and Courtside ticket holders may participate in this program with any tickets held outside of Champion Row and Courtside seats. Courtside ticket holders will receive a separate ticket return email which will allow them to participate. Champions Row tickets are prohibited from being returned through the standby program. To return Champions Row tickets, contact Cheryl Ervi at Cheryl_Ervi@baylor.edu.

No. Participating in this program requires you to return all tickets held in your account for a specific game for standby subscribers to claim. You will have the opportunity to return on a game-by-game basis.

We need to ensure the best possible atmosphere for our Bears. By helping us fill your seats with Baylor fans, you will receive 10 Bear Foundation priority points per game that you return your tickets. Priority points are available for active Bear Foundation members only.

All cumulative points will be calculated and added into respective accounts at the end of the regular season.

This special initiative is reserved for Baylor fans only. Baylor Athletics reserves the right to prohibit fans of the opposing team from participating in this program.

No. Once tickets are transferred to someone else, they are removed from your account.

No. Once filling out the ticket return form for a specific game; those tickets will be removed from your account.

No. To efficiently manage this ticket initiative for all parties, we will only email you return options for the scheduled home games within the specified window.

No. Messages will not be monitored. Baylor Athletics will only pull your returned tickets if your return form is submitted.

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