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2021 NEW Football Season Ticket Pricing

football Stadium Seating
Seat Cost
Per Seat
Per Seat
Championship $385 $1,000
Field $385 $750
Field Side $385 $500
Red Zone $385 $200
West Side - 300 Midfield $385 $375
West Side - 300 Sides $385 $250
East Side - 200 Sides $385 $300
East Side - 300 Level $385 $100
General Seating (Bench-Bench w/ Back) $300-$325 $25

If you are a current season ticket holder, your 2021 price will reflect your same 2020 per-seat cost. If you are looking to add tickets, you will make that request on your season ticket renewal application.

Selection priority is based on our priority ranking system. Availability for upgrades is based on non-renewed season tickets. Bear Foundation members who do not have season tickets will have first-priority for single-game tickets before they go on sale to the general public.


You can purchase new season tickets online HERE or by calling the Bear Foundation Ticket Sales Center at 254-710-6446. Click HERE to fill out an interest form.

Until March 31, 2021, Baylor Athletics will only offer 2020 unsold season ticket locations as new season tickets. Prospective season ticket members are encouraged to purchase available inventory by March 31, 2021, and will be allowed to participate in the annual seat upgrade process in April. Priority for seat upgrade is dependent on Bear Foundation priority ranking policies. To discuss options, please contact the Bear Foundation Ticket Sales Center at 254-710-6446.

If you purchase new season tickets, you will be automatically added to the seat upgrade process. If you are renewing your current season tickets, you will have the option to opt-in to the upgrade process during your online renewal application. You can also call the Baylor Athletics Ticket Office at 254-710-1000 to renew your seats and opt-in to the upgrade process at that time.

In 2021, the seat upgrade process is tentatively scheduled to begin in late April. During the process, you will receive a selection time based upon your Bear Foundation rank. At your designated time, you will have the opportunity to view available upgrade options. Should you choose to upgrade your tickets to a different price level, you will pay the difference during the checkout process. If applicable, a Bear Foundation representative will contact you in the coming days to help you with your new donation amount pertaining to the season ticket location you picked.

There are no increases in 2021 season ticket prices. For renewing accounts, your same 2020 cost will be honored in 2021.

Anyone who adds new season tickets to their account, whether they are a renewed season ticket holder or not, will pay the new 2021 season ticket price.

No. All 2021 season tickets will be delivered digitally.

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Baylor Basketball Season Tickets:

UPDATE: Online renewal applications for the 2021-22 basketball seasons are now available. Season ticket holders will have until Friday, August 6 to renew by visiting their online account or by calling the Baylor Athletics Ticket Office at (254) 710-1000.

Online Account

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Additional Information

Priority Access

Get access to more!Contributing to the Baylor Bear Foundation provides members with many benefits, including the opportunity of purchasing priority football, men's basketball, and women's basketball season tickets. Bear Foundation members have access to season tickets that are not available to the general public. Additionally, Bear Foundation members often receive priority for single-game, away game, and post-season tickets.

Read more about the Baylor Bear Foundation’s priority ranking system.

Seat Option Payment Policy

Most Bear Foundation memberships contain seat options associated with football, men's basketball, or women's basketball season tickets. Therefore, we ask members to take a few simple steps to honor their annual Bear Foundation commitment before enjoying the use of their season tickets.

Members must establish a payment plan or complete 50% of their current BBF commitment by May 31 of that same membership year for football season tickets to be mailed directly. Otherwise, season ticket holders will be required to pick up season tickets from the Bear Foundation office. Please note, Baylor Athletics reserves the right to hold your season tickets should your Bear Foundation membership not be in good standing.

Automated payment plans are customizable and may be scheduled to begin at any time, as long as they are fully completed by the final membership deadline. If 50% payment is made on the annual commitment before the May 31 deadline, the remaining 50% is not due until the final membership deadline.

*Season ticket members will be notified directly if season tickets are shipped to the Bear Foundation office and provided with available dates and times for ticket retrieval. Bear Foundation staff will be available to assist with establishing a payment plan or processing full or partial payment on Bear Foundation commitments at the time of pick-up.

Bear Foundation Contribution Refund Policy

Please note, regardless of season ticket resolution options, the Bear Foundation will not offer refunds on any donations. Bear Foundation pledge payments are non-refundable and are considered a charitable contribution.

Membership Level Reduction Policy

Priority ranking for season ticket seat selection is determined ONLY by annual membership level first, then by priority points. Therefore, if a membership pledge is reduced below its current membership level, season ticket location (not quantity) associated with the account will be forfeited. Priority ranking for seat relocation will be determined by the reduced membership level first and priority points, second.

Baylor Season Ticket Transfer Policy

Season tickets and/or parking, for any sport in which they are sold may be transferred to an immediate family member. This transfer request is limited to immediate family (i.e., parents, children, grandchildren, siblings).

To transfer season tickets and/or donor parking to another account holder:

  1. The transferor must make a formal request to transfer season tickets and/or parking to the Baylor Bear Foundation in writing by completing a Season Ticket Transfer Request Form and returning it to the Bear Foundation office. Both the transferor and the transferee must consent to the transfer.

  2. The annual Baylor Bear Foundation contribution level of the transferring member must be met and maintained by the recipient to receive the ticket transfer. The recipient will also incur any respective seat options associated with the transferred tickets, if not already covered by BBF giving level. If the transferring member is a Seat Option level member, the recipient must maintain a $200 or higher annual BBF donor level.

In the Event of a Death:Tickets and/or donor parking may be transferred into the name of the surviving spouse. If no surviving spouse exists or no transfer request to an immediate family member is made within sixty (60) days, the tickets and/or donor parking will be released and made available to the public based on BBF Priority Points System Rankings.

In the Event of a Divorce:Baylor will abide by any court-ordered decision about the re-allocation of any tickets and/or donor parking. Upon both spouses' consent, Baylor will allocate the tickets or parking as desired.

Corporate Account Transfer:Tickets and/or donor parking may be transferred into a new account upon the formation of a company or entity where the tickets and/or parking were previously held by an owner's personal account. In the event of a sale or acquisition of a company, the tickets and /or parking may be transferred to the acquiring company. In the event of dissolution, the tickets and/or parking will be allocated to the former owners of the company at Baylor's discretion.

Priority Points: Bear Foundation Priority points are non-transferrable.In the event that season tickets and/or donor parking are transferred, any previously acquired priority points remain with the original account holder. The only exception is when a death occurs, and the surviving spouse becomes the new account holder.

Ticket Cancellation Policy

Please note, once tickets are purchased, no refunds or exchanges will be processed. Exceptions for this policy may apply in circumstances where Baylor Athletics is unable to deliver your tickets as purchased.

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